We are a team dedicated to the complete management of solid waste. We know that in Latin America there is a great need to change the way solid waste is handled, we are ready to work in alliance with our customers in order to share success stories at any size and in different regions on our continent and we are ready to take on the challenge.​

Invest in the Future, Today
We promote sustainable models in order to solve problems in the present without compromising the well-being of future generations.

 - Legally Supported

 - Technically Sound

 - Economically Viable

​ - Enviromentally Sustainable

​ - Socially Acceptable

Maximize Waste Reduction

Our society can achieve a model of maximum waste reduction as possible in order to reduce their impacts. Let us work with you to find out how.

Our Vision

Our Strenghts

Integral Waste Management is based on the following Principles:

Customized Solutions

We know that there are no universal solutions. Every project is built according with the different needs and context.


Change the current inadequate practices of solid waste management. Multiply success stories of good practice across Latin America at any scale or city size.

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Procesadora y Beneficiadora de Desechos


We find organized solutions that will operate fulfilling all needs to our customers.​


We know there is no such thing as infinite financing. We need to find solutions of collaboration and co-participation that will be viable and will offer benefits to all participants.

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