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Today we’re in the process of finishing a study of waste management for a northern state in Mexico, and another in the central region of the country. In order to propose an integral model in these states, not just regional.

Our team is visiting different sites, studying all kinds of waste from population of all economic status and business establishments.

Splitting the waste from homes and establishments in order to determine their value as recyclables.

Separating waste at the source helps to determine the true value of recyclables.

Our proposal will include landfills in strategic locations, transfer stations, biogas generators, composting and plastic pellet systems, also for small and distant communities we are considering systems that will suit their needs.

According to the feasibility of every project, we’ll seek for investors. Seeking to replicate our operation models in different areas of the country. With several ecological and economical benefits for the community and the private investors.

Our team has the knowledge and experience to analyze, study and solve what every community needs in terms of waste management.

We are certain that our focus is valid for every community size in Mexico and Latin America.

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